A $5000 water bottle. Why is it Yolonee's most mandatory accessory?


Los Angeles is eternally thirsty. Staying hydrated in this madcap melting pot of a city is both a necessity and a collective obsession. We Angelenos can unwittingly spot the signs of dehydration from a mile away. The slight flake of dry, dull skin on your neighbor’s T-zone; the foolishness of the hiker who chugs down a can of flavored sparkling water at the peak of their excursion, only to remain parched.

Staying adequately hydrated about town requires a certain amount of premeditation, effort and an ability to solve several logistical problems. The gallon-sized, plastic one-off from Vons is functional for water “gains” — but only to an extent. Too heavy, no cooling function. The 32-ounce or 64-ounce aluminum multi-use bottle is much more the wave. In L.A., style is a derivative of utility, however.

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