The plastic water bottle becomes a pen container, and children's pens will never be thrown away


However, some mothers have also given us a small problem, that is, can we give her a way to cure the bad habit of children who don't like to pack up toys and stationery and are sloppy. She said that her son's desk was often in a mess. All kinds of pencils, colored pens, erasers, rulers and bookmarks were piled up on the table, so there was no way to read and write well.

Indeed, children who develop the habit of accommodation will have many advantages in their future study and life.

A follow-up survey by Harvard Business School found that children with excellent grades, cheerful personality, focus and endurance often have clean and tidy desks. And those children who often procrastinate, sloppy and lazy basically have no good habit of sorting out.

Today, we also recorded a video related to storage in building block learning - making a storage pen holder with a plastic water bottle can not only reuse waste, but also let children give full play to their creativity.

Use plastic bottles to make all kinds of pen holders, so that children can understand the use of materials, know how to save, and cultivate practical ability
I believe that with the pen holder made by myself, children will fall in love with storage and sorting, and develop good learning and living habits.

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