Precautions for hiking


1. Be sure to walk at your own speed: don't try to be strong and bury your head. This will consume a lot of physical strength. As a result, if you want to be fast, you can't reach it. If you walk with a lot of people, you'd better find a companion who is about the same speed as yourself. According to my personal experience, climbing the mountain means pulling up in the first 30 minutes. It's not too tired to walk at the pace later, because people's potential begins to be tapped.

2. Scientifically measure your physical fitness: you'd better stick to walking for several hours when you go out on foot for the first few times. After you know your ability, you can appropriately increase the intensity of walking.

3. Don't just walk with your head down and miss the surrounding scenery: climbing and hiking outdoors, physical fitness is only one of the purposes. The most appropriate speed is to be able to maintain the speed of walking all day.

4. When walking, the human body loses a lot of heat. In order to supplement physical strength, it is necessary to supplement water and food in time. You can drink more water properly before climbing the big slope. If the weather is hot and sweaty, you can add some salt to the drinking water.

5. In the wild, drinking water should also pay attention to science. If you drink enough at a time, the body will excrete the excess water after absorption, which will waste a lot of water in vain. If you only drink one or two mouthfuls at a time when drinking water, and then swallow it slowly in a big mouth. Later, when you feel thirsty, take another mouthful and swallow it slowly. In this way, you can not only fully absorb the water you drink, but also solve the dryness of your mouth and throat. The amount of water in a standard kettle (0-9) and the correct drinking method can make a single soldier persist in sports for 6-8 hours or even longer.

6. When you go down the mountain, don't run, don't jump, be slow, tie your shoelaces, don't fix your toes in front of your shoes, and be careful. Rushing down the mountain is very harmful to the knee. When going downhill, the center of gravity should be placed at the front of the rear feet, and the height of the center of gravity should be reduced, that is, the body should sag slightly (the feet should bend slightly), and the center of gravity should not be moved until the front feet stand well. One foot should always be supported on the ground. Especially when the slope is large, zigzag and small broken steps should be taken to avoid going up and down directly, which is a safe mountaineering technology.

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