How to drink water, you must know


It is easy to carry and drink with the lid open. In China, bottled water consumption is increasing at a rate of 30% per year

Dong Jinshi, executive vice president of the International Food Packaging Association, pointed out that polyester bottles used in bottled water often contain substances that may lead to chronic poisoning, especially when the bottle is in a high-temperature environment or is not drunk in time after opening, harmful substances will penetrate into the water and endanger health.

Therefore, bottled water must not be heated or exposed to the sun. "Many people like to put a box of water in the car, which is wrong. Especially in summer, the trunk temperature is very high, which is easy to let harmful substances into the water." Dong Jinshi suggested that the best way is to buy a high-quality kettle and bring water by yourself, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

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