Water demand of children at different stages


1. 1-2-year-old baby: the baby can drink water between meals or before meals, half a cup of about 100 ml each time, while ensuring 400-500 ml of milk every day.

2. Babies over 2-3 years old: most babies at this stage will express their thirst by themselves, and ensure the amount of 400-500ml milk every day. As long as they don't drink water immediately after meals, which will affect digestion, they can drink water at any time as long as they feel thirsty, but at least ensure to supplement 1.7L of water every day.

The above amount refers to mild climate conditions and light physical activity level. If you are in a high temperature environment in summer or carry out more than moderate physical activities, you should appropriately increase your water intake. The above suitable intake can be understood as the daily "pass line". On this basis, it should be flexibly adjusted according to the specific situation of the child and environmental conditions.

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