Washing clothes with only one plastic bottle is cleaner than hand washing?!


Has anyone met
The newly bought shirt is stained with stains
I thought I would wash it in the washing machine
I didn't expect I couldn't wash it clean
Do you think, "hand wash it"
The washing machine can't wash clean anyway

Xiaobian has a good way,
Just ask if you want to hear it?
Throw a plastic bottle into the washing machine when washing clothes. The clothes will be cleaner
1. First put the dirty clothes in the laundry bag.
2. Prepare a plastic bottle, put it into the laundry bag together, and seal the bag mouth.
3. Put the laundry bag into the washing machine and turn on the cleaning key.
4. After washing, compare the effect of washing with and without plastic bottles.
Why put plastic bottles and wash clothes cleaner?

Because after putting in the plastic bottle, the upper water flow is changed, while the lower water flow speed remains unchanged, making the water torque larger. In this way, you can wash the clothes~

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